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“India’s Coastal Security, Challenges, Concerns & Way Ahead” s Brig. Hemant Mahajan

October 07, 2017



India’sCoastal Security, Challenges, Concerns & Way Ahead”BY BRIG HEMANT MAHAJAN,YSM,Pages-336.Price-Rs 600/-,MadhaviPrakashan,Dattakuti,1416,SadashivPeth,Pune-411030,Maharashtra,Tele-020-24474762,020-24475372,MOB-09325097494.E Mail-madhavipublisher@gmail.com

http://www.bookganga.com/eBooks/Books/Details/568867212845032504826/11 attack on our Financial capital, heavy civilian casualties, and damage to the property raised eyebrows of all – political leaders, ‘thinkers’ in the capital as well as men in uniform. Remarkable ease at which, the attackers landed in Mumbai and inflicted heavy losses highlighted our ‘failures’ in our coastal security. India’s western coast has been subjected to smuggling of gold, electronic goods, narcotics, arms ammunition, explosives and FICN, since long. Infiltration of Bangladeshis on east coast, smuggling of arms ammunition for Maoists, poaching in island territories is a big threat. Various bomb blasts and 26/11terror attack, activities in Indian Ocean by countries like China and North Korea does give rise to our concerns for the coastal security and security of trade routes/ sea lanes. To my mind, this infact , is a ‘WAKE UP’ call for all. Comprehensive national maritime & coastal security policy, better management of maritime boundaries, EEZ, traffic and effective mechanism for coordination is required. Operational capabilities of IN, ICG, Marine police, other agencies require to be improved further. Coastal States have to be empowered. Port security, security of offshore installations and Island territories is important. Good intelligence and surveillance in territorial waters will prevent security breaches. We need to study as to how countries like USA, UK and Russia ensure their coastal security. Induction of Hovercrafts, UAVs, creation of a more effective network of intelligence through fishermen and national coastal security corps is necessary. Improved intelligence collection, training, sharing of technology, MDA Cooperation, cross attachment with each other, joint exercises during high threat periods will benefit all. Cyber attacks, security of air space over our coastline, Narco terrorism, dirty bomb being carried by terrorists, subversion, sabotages of strategic targets, missile attacks; are actually the ‘challenges’ of the future. We will have to be ready to meet all these future threats and for that, ’REGULAR STUDY & RESEARCH’ is a MUST. A comprehensive book by Brig. Hemant Mahajan on “India’s Coastal Security, Challenges, Concerns & Way Ahead” should be read by all, including the security forces, policy makers, corporate, security experts, technology providers, and many more. This book will generate informed discussion among all stakeholders for improving the coastal security further. I, therefore, congratulate Indian Maritime Foundation, Pune-1, for encouraging studies on ‘concerns and challenges to our coastal securities’. I also congratulate Brig Hemant Mahajan, who, basically is an Infantryman and a ‘thinker’ for undertaking this study. I am sure that the book will be well received. India’s Coastal Security, Challenges, Concerns & Way Ahead”BY BRIG HEMANT MAHAJAN, YSM,Pages-336.Price-Rs 600/-,Madhavi Prakashan,Dattakuti,1416,Sadashiv Peth,Pune-411030,Maharashtra,Tele-020-24474762,020-24475372,MOB-09325097494.E Mail-madhavipublisher@gmail.com http://www.bookganga.com/eBooks/Books/Details/5688672128450325048

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